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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cannon's Restaurants

Meh. I've been to Cannon's Restaurants before as it is in walking distance from my house but was pretty unimpressed with latest meal.

We started with the BBQ shrimp and the roux tasted slightly burnt. My Dad's blackened catfish was billed by our server as the best thing on the menu. The catfish was satisfying and paired nicely with mashed sweet potatoes. My Mom's Gulf Shrimp Alfredo were blackened as well, giving the shrimp a fishy flavor that contrasted poorly with the heavy Alfredo sauce with hardly any taste of Parmesan. My crispy oven roasted duck was hardly discernible under the blueberry demi glace and certainly not crispy. I do have to say that the dark bread that was served was marvelous (although the chive butter served with it was tasty, it overpowered the nuttiness and tang of the bread).

While watching the St. Charles streetcar go by is enjoyable and all the waitstaff are friendly and personable, it doesn't make up for the overall disappointment of the meal.

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