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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Captain's Choice

At the bowling alley in Foley, Alabama (behind the outlet mall) is a great place to get a burger and fried food. I've always enjoyed that aspect of bowling, I mean, what other sport encourages you to eat and drink while playing?

At the Captain's Choice on Juniper, the seafood selection is good (including the usual fried shrimp, oysters, grouper, etc) and the jalapeno peppers are stuffed with crabmeat. The burgers are some of the best around, although my sisters selection of a trash burger (cheese, fried onions, bacon, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato) was a little too big for even my mouth. I think they make their own tarter sauce because it was sure better than what you get out of a bottle and the ranch dipping sauce was thick and rich to go with my order of fried mushrooms and fried pickles. The gumbo is pretty tasty, too.

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