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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Capdeville New Orleans

Capdeville New Orleans is on the single block of Capdeville Street down from Lafayette Square. It is a blocked out interior space that allows for groups to have semi-privacy and conduct lunch and dinner meetings with ease. The staff is quite used to the practice and our table of nine folks organizing a New Orleans version of "It Gets Better" didn't cause a stir, even after we held a 45 minute meeting before placing an order.

The food is interesting twists on American classics. Burgers, fries, wraps and a super delicious truffled mac and cheese that I enjoyed. I'd never had Poutine Fries before (french fries drenched in au poivre sauce and mozzarella cheese curd) but I'm sure going to be ordering them again. Sinfully good.

The bar is quite extensive, although none of us took advantage. I'll have to make another trip to try their Pimm's Cup.

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