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Friday, September 14, 2012

Elizabeth's Restaurant

I had a meeting in the Bywater neighborhood with a potential collaboration partner for the LGBT Community Center so we went for lunch at Elizabeth's Restaurant. I've been meaning to get there for breakfast, as they serve Praline bacon (Brown sugar and pecans ground together to make a praline mixture and put on bacon that has been cooked partway. Finish baking the bacon nice and crisp and you've got praline bacon).

I ordered the BLT. Their twist on the classic sandwich came in a bowl because the ciabatta bread was filled to overflowing with the crisped Hog Jowls, Chopped Tomatoes, Fresh Spinach, Red Onion, Blue Cheese and Champagne Vinegar. My only complaint was that that any bite with hog jowls and blue cheese together was almost too salty. My order came with a side and I ordered the sweet potato fries - crispy outside, soft inside and sweet as sugar. Major yum!

My dining companions had Boiled Shrimp Salad and the House Salad with Turkey and Lemon Grass Vinaigrette. Both enjoyed their meal - the shrimp is served head on in addition to the skin, so be prepared for a bit of a mess when you peel 'em.

The waitstaff was fast with refills and to check in and the ambiance to diner casual with lots of Dr. Bob's Be Nice or Leave art for sale. Definitely a place to get Real Food Done Real Good!

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