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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Butch Cookbook Update

From Sue Hardesty:

Our cookbook goes to the movies. Appearing in The Perfect Family motion picture, the butch cook book has a cameo scene when the mother (Kathleen Turner) picks up the butch cook book and looks at her pregnant lesbian daughter (Emily Deschanel) for an explanation. The movie is due out this winter. Don’t miss it!

The cookbook is also in a contest. The Huffington Post is running a great contest posted by Rebecca Marx who writes Village Voice’s “Fork In The Road” food blog. We think one of these is way better than the rest -- the butch cook book. Join in the fun and see if you agree. Vote by clicking on the Huffington Post website: Cookbooks You Didn't Know Existed.

1. The slide of the butch cook book should appear (cookbook #4). Vote number 10 (amazing) above the butch cook book slide on the right side of the screen.
2. If you would like to send your top five favorites to your friends, click on Choose Your Top Five Slides.
3. When this screen opens, drag your choices to the open frames.
4. When you have selected your five favorites, click on share.

Please remind all your friends who wish to purchase the butch cook book, the website is Also the butch cook book is on L-Book in Paperback, Audio mp3 and five eBook formats. Or contact us at 541-265-4516

P.S. Free with every purchase of the butch cook book: "The Femme Cook Booklet" has more great recipes from a baker's dozen of your favorite writers and femme partners of butches who appear in the butch cook book. Enjoy great chili from Katherine Forrest, or easy-to-make bread from Ann Bannon. Or fun drinks described by Ellen Hart and Karin Kallmaker. All in all, a great continuation of the butch cook book.

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  1. I'm honored to be in the project - what a great line up of literary femmes. *g*