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Monday, April 23, 2012

Marigny Brasserie & Bar

After a morning at the Audubon Aquarium, I took my parents to the Marigny Brasserie and Bar. I have always enjoyed their Frenchmen Po-boy--loaded with fried shrimp and fried green tomatoes and topped with a lovely remoulade sauce. However, this visit wasn't up the usual standard. We were there right after noon on a Saturday and it looked like they had a busy brunch time. However, that doesn't excuse our issues.

The place was not very filled when we arrived but we kept losing our waiter. I only got one refill of my iced tea and that was after I finished my meal and pushed my plate away. Luckily, the young man wandering around filling the water glasses came back often enough to keep me from dying of thirst. My Mom usually has three beers with the meal but his absence meant she ordered one before we ordered the meal and got the second one after the food was delivered. Further, another waiter actually delivered our food and he only came over as the last plate was set down.

The drinks we ordered were large but incredibly weak--I had the watermelon and my Dad had the strawberry mojito and we couldn't taste any rum and only the faint whiff of the fruit that went into them. The onion rings were barely warm when they came to the table although they tasted really good. My New Orleans style BBQ shrimp were good but the smoked gouda grits were a little bitter when eaten with the sauce. As long as I only ate the grits from the interior, the taste of the individual components were acceptable. My Mom's grilled shrimp with red chili sauce were good but hardly warm. As this was a appetizer, I wonder if it was plated and then had to wait for the other items to be prepared.

I also want to add about the up selling--the waiter spoke about 'Special' mojitos, which we learned when the bill came due were $2.00 more than a regular mojito. He also asked my Dad if he wanted a salad or fries with his sandwich, which my Dad assumed meant that they came with the sandwich. Only later did he find out that he was charged $5.50 for the side salad.

I will say that his Frenchmen po-boy was as good as my previous visits and the balsamic vinaigrette on his side salad was well balanced. However, it will be a good long time before I return there.

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